Finding the best money clip for you: the definitive guide, comparison and review site

If you are sick of carrying a large wallet and having all that bulk in your pocket, you’ve probably considered a money clip. But which money clip would you choose?

The aim of is to provide you with a straight forward comparison of the best money clips out there, enabling you to find the best money clip suited to your taste and budget.

We’re here to help you establish and decide what the best money clip is for you: use the interactive chart (below) alongside our review pages to find the right one for you!

Money clip guide and comparison chart

M-Clip Rodeo Dark Blue AlligatorBest Money Clip | M-Clip Rodeo Dark Blue AlligatorRhodium – with American alligator skin and stainless steel heat tempered spring$$$
Wagner Victorinox Swiss WalletBest Money Clip | Wagner Victorinox Swiss WalletAluminum$$
Sterling Silver Paper Clip Money ClipBest Money Clip | Sterling Silver Paper ClipSilver (Sterling Silver)$$
Landstroms Black Hills with Gold Deer HeadBest Money Clip | Landstroms Black Hills with Gold Deer HeadGold on enameled metal$$$
Smart Money ClipBest Money Clip | Storus Smart Money Clip titaniumTitanium$$
M-Clip Stainless Brushed with Polished Border XLBest Money Clip | M-Clip Stainless Brushed with Polished Border XLStainless steel – with stainless steel heat tempered spring$$$
Bosca Nappa VitelloBest Money Clip | Bosca Nappa VitelloLeather$$
Tonino Lamborghini Aria CollectionBest Money Clip | Tonino Lamborghini Aria CollectionStainless steel – with carbon fiber insert$$$
Money Clamp Geneva Black MatteBest Money Clip | Money Clamp Geneva Black MatteLeather and metal clamp$$
Steinhausen Money GripBest Money Clip | Steinhausen Money GripGold-plated stainless steel$$
Mcusta Knives 84 Fuji Crest Money Clip Series Linerlock KnifeBest Money Clip | Mcusta Knives 84 Fuji Crest Money Clip Series Linerlock KnifeStainless steel$$$
M-Clip Ultralight V SeriesBest Money Clip | M-Clip Ultralight V SeriesAluminum – with stainless steel heat tempered spring$$
Basket Weave Money Clip in 14 Karat GoldBest Money Clip | Basket Weave in 14 Karat GoldGold (14 karat)Basket Weave in 14 Karat Gold$$$$
Victorinox Swiss Army Money ClipBest Money Clip | Victorinox Swiss Army Money ClipMetal and stainless steel$$
JJ Weston Dollar $ SignBest Money Clip | JJ Weston Dollar $ SignGold-plated$$

Get the most out of the table above. Some handy tips for using the chart to help discover the right money clip:

  • Click on a product photo or name for more information or to purchase.
  • The information in the columns can be sorted by clicking on them.
  • The price column displays an approximate price range. runs special offers and promotions so these can change at times but the ranges are as follows:

$ = under $25   |   $$ = $25 to $75   |   $$$ = $75 to $250   |   $$$$ = $250+

Want to see more money clips? Click here to see over 60 money clips in our full money clip guide

How to use a money clip

For those of you who don’t already know how to use one, we at Best Money Clip thought that we’d put a small “how to” together:

The idea of a money clip is to sort and organize paper money. It is a very simple and easy object to use:

  • Arrange and place your bills in a stack
  • Neatly fold the stack of bills down the middle (of the longest side)
  • Place the stack in the money clip, with the fold inside the clip

Note: some people like to carry essential cards in their money clip and place them behind or inside the folded bills. When deciding which is the most suitable money clip for you, you may also like to consider money clip card holders and money clip wallets. These tend to be more streamlined than bulky wallets but not quite as small as the majority of money clips.

Bill arrangement
A popular and modest way to arrange the bills is to put the smallest on the outside and the largest on the inside.

The “Detroit Roll” – for those who like to flash their cash!
This method is for those who wish to keep the largest value bills on the outside – and visible when you use the clip in public. It is fondly nicknamed the “Detroit Roll”.

Of course, how you decide to use your money clip is up to you! There is no right or wrong.

How to find the right money clip

There are some important things to consider when deciding on a money clip. Let’s take a look them:

  • Function: first and foremost, does the money clip work well?
  • Style: would you be happy to pull this money clip out in a bar or shop and make payment?
  • Durability: is this the right material and quality for you?
  • Price range: finally, does the product fit within your budget?

With these points in mind and using the definitive guide, comparison and reviews you should now be able to find the perfect money clip for you.

Review of 5 of the top money clips

We’ve looked at a lot (a real lot!) of money clips. There are a few that we’ve selected as our favorites, in our quest to find the best money clip. We like these for different reasons. Check out our notes on these 5 standout money clips!

M-Clip Rodeo Dark Blue Alligator

Review of top 5 Money Clips | M-Clip Rodeo Dark Blue AlligatorSimply beautiful. M-Clip claims to produce “The World’s Finest Money Clip” – and we would struggle to argue with this. M-Clip are so confident you’ll agree with them on this, that if you don’t they’ll give you your money back!

A lot of care and attention goes into the production process at M-Clip. Their money clips are machined using state-of-the-art CNC equipment for the ultimate precision. They are constructed and assembled entirely by hand, which even includes polishing and human testing, before they’re finally allowed to leave their production facility.

The super smart Rodeo Dark Blue Alligator Money Clip is made using genuine American Alligator skins and like all of M-Clip’s money clips, comes with a stainless steel heat tempered spring. It has an impressive capacity of approximately 8-10 bills and 6-8 credit cards, making it both practical and stunning.

Wagner Victorinox Swiss Wallet

Review of top 5 Money Clips | Wagner Victorinox Swiss WalletOK, not strictly an out and out money clip but the Swiss Wallet is a money clip card holder combo – and an excellent one at that. Therefore, it just had to be included in the Best Money Clip top 5!

The card holder has a capacity of 5 credit cards, with the reinforced steel money clip on the back offering a place to keep your bills. An easy access button on the front allows you to slide your cards out quickly and neatly, which is a big plus point.

And not to forget, the clip on the back can also be used to hook the case onto your pants / pocket, a very useful product all round.

The Swiss Wallet comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and is available in a selection of colors – so you shouldn’t be stuck when looking to match one of these with your existing attire and accessories!

Bosca Nappa Vitello

Review of top 5 Money Clips | Bosca Nappa VitelloWe couldn’t not include a leather money clip in the Best Money Clip top 5. The Bosca Nappa Vitello is a very good value option and has been included for a few reasons: quality, price, color options, strength of magnets – and to top it off it comes in a very nice Bosca embossed box, ideal if you’re thinking of gifting one.

Made out of old leather, this Bosca original is available in three classic colors: black, cognac and dark brown. The cognac and dark brown versions are a contrasting black color inside.

Whilst the clip is very light and only 3/8″ thick, the magnet is very strong so you won’t ever need to worry about your bills falling out!

Smart Money Clip

Review of top 5 Money Clips | Storus Smart Money Clip titaniumThe titanium version of Storus’s Smart Money Clip is ultra-thin and lightweight.

This double sided clip has one side for cards and the other for bills, useful for organizing your items and very convenient when it to comes to paying for things.

The metal is finished with a physical vapor deposition, this process bonds a very thin layer of titanium on top of the stainless steel, resulting in a beautiful and durable finish that is substantially harder and more resistant than stainless steel.

Hold up to 5 cards on the card side and 30 bills or receipts with the clip. A stylish and functional money clip for a reasonable price. Well worthy of its place in the Best Money Clip top 5.

Money Clamp Geneva

Review of top 5 Money Clips | Money Clamp GenevaThis streamlined design from Money Clamp offers a nice and tight grip to keep your bills and cards secure. It is supplied with a leather wallet / card holder but can be used effectively with or without it. If used without the wallet, cards can be placed in the middle of the bills, as you would with a normal money clip.

The innovative clamping mechanism uses Money Clamp’s patented memory flex steel technology and clamps your items very compactly.

With a generous capacity of up to 20 bills and 6 credit cards you can get rid of that big bulky wallet now and keep all your bills and cards in one place.

A good general purpose option, if you’re budget doesn’t stretch as far as some of the more expensive money clips.

Choosing the right money clip

The help provided in the guide, comparisons and reviews will stand you in good stead when considering which is the best money clip for you. Now you’ve had a good look and compared a selection of the top money clips out there, it’s for you to decide and choose that perfect one.

If you do stumble across a standout money clip that hasn’t been covered, please do get in touch with us, comment below or send us a message through the contact form. (There must be one or two out there that we haven’t seen!) We, at Best Money Clip are always on the lookout for those special money clips and would love to hear from you.

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