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wallet and bills

I’m probably not the only one out there who has:

1) lost money that they were carrying in their pocket?
2) got fed up with carrying a bulky wallet round?

These two things both happened to me in the same night! I’d been out one evening during a trip to Geneva and couldn’t bear to lug my huge wallet round with me. I took the bills out before I left, folded them and placed them inside my pocket. Unfortunately, when it came to buying some train tickets I quickly realized that my money had gone.

So, in response to losing this money in Switzerland, I set about trying to find a non-bulky solution to carrying bills and credit cards in my pocket. This led me to money clips and money clip card holders.

As soon as I started, I discovered that there were an overwhelming number of different brands, styles, clip mechanisms and materials to choose from. I wanted to be able to view all of these in one place, side by side and compare them. This inspired to me to create a resource to do just this!

The site has been setup to review and research a selection of the best money clips. We’ve looked into the different brands, materials, mechanisms and much more. Everything has been laid out in the simplest and clearest way to give you the most important information about the products.

The interactive chart of money clips contains a large selection and is a great way to quickly view them, saves looking through them one by one, elsewhere! This is also a great resource if you’ve already decided what style, material or price range is for you.

We are constantly looking at new money clips and will be adding to the guide as we go along.

In a nutshell, we hope this site will help you find the best money clip for you.

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