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Money clips for men

Throughout history, we have seen impressive progress in the design of money clips for men.

Since the creation of paper money, men have continually searched for useful ways to secure their currency.

This universal accessory has taken many different shapes and sizes to adapt to specific needs. There are numerous reasons that men use money clips:

  • To alleviate the stress of a bulky wallet
  • Reducing the amount of useless clutter in pockets
  • Keeping money neat and organized
  • Adding a fashionable accent to an outfit
  • Showing off a subtly sophisticated side

Money clips for men receive praise for their versatility. Because they are such a convenient and neat way to store money, they have been adapted to fit the needs of different lifestyles. It doesn’t matter what your interests are in life, there is most likely some sort of money clip that fits your style. Listed below are a few of the many types of men that benefit from owning a money clip as well as examples of the money clip they own.

The Gentleman

First off we have the Gentleman. This type of man likes to accessorize with a modest approach. His style is usually fairly traditional with a touch of sophistication. He would typically look for a money clip that is made from an honest and traditional material. To compliment his classy outfit, he would invest in a clip like the Bosca Nappa Vitello.

Money Clips for Men | Bosca Nappa Vitello

Bosca Nappa Vitello Leather Money Clip – The Gentleman’s Choice

The Understated Man

What about the simple kind of man? The one that wants to avoid appearing too complicated but still have some accessories to suit his style? He would typically look for a money clip with a simple yet useful design to compliment his understated approach. The Sterling Silver Paper Clip Money Clip would serve as a great option for this type of guy because of its minimal design and practicality.

Money Clips for Men | Sterling Silver Paper Clip Money Clip

A Sterling Silver Paper Clip Money Clip for The Understated Man

The Functional Man

Next we have the functional type of man. He favors things that have a higher practicality and usefulness behind them. This type of guy ignores flashy designs, he needs a money clip that is both useful and practical. The Geneva Money Clamp uses an innovative clamping mechanism to give the user the ultimate security. It holds a generous amount of cards and bills, keeping essential items organized and easily accessible.

Money Clips for Men | Money Clamp Geneva Black Matte with Wallet

Money Clamp’s Geneva Money Clip with Wallet ensures that The Functional Man can keep his essential items organized

The “Bling” Man

Then there is the “Bling” man. The guy that likes flaunting what he’s got whenever he has the chance. He takes pride in his confidence and isn’t afraid to show people his success. Listening to hip tunes and talking with other “Bling” enthusiasts is his pastime. For this man, a money clip serves as a useful item to hold his wad of cash and a way to flaunt it at the same time. This dollar sign money clip is a perfect way for him to show off his flashy lifestyle.

Money Clips for Men | JJ Weston Dollar $ Sign

The “Bling” Man carries this Dollar $ Sign Money Clip from JJ Weston

The Patriotic Man

Many men out there place a high regard on nationalistic sentiment. They find that showing their patriotism off to other people is a great way to share the love and encourage support for their country. For the patriotic man, M-Clip have created this US Flag version of their Ultralight V Series money clip. It uses a simple yet effective design to show off the Stars & Stripes.

Money Clips for Men | M-Clip Ultralight V Series US Flag

What better money clip for The Patriotic Man?

The Modern Man

Plenty of guys out there consider themselves cutting edge and modern. They enjoy showing other people that they are in with the current times and hottest trends. What would they typically look for in a money clip? They would look for something like the Smart Money Clip by Storus. This unique money clip shows that they like the convenience of money clips and utilize clever techniques as well.

Money Clips for Men | Storus Smart Money Clip titanium

The Modern Man’s choice – Storus’ Smart Money Clip in titanium

The Biker Man

What about the Harley-Davidson fan? Are there types of money clips for men that accommodate the biker lifestyle? You bet there are. There are many different clips that display images and logos relevant to the biker life. This Harley-Davidson money clip would be a great conversation maker for any biker paying for a drink at a bar. It may even help him connect with fellow bikers.

Money Clips for Men | Harley Davidson Men’s Bar & Shield Money Clip

Harley Davidson Men’s Bar & Shield Money Clip for The Biker Man

The Stylish Man

A good deal of men out there that take great pride in the way that they present themselves. They make a conscious effort to participate in the latest and greatest fashion trends. A money clip is a proven way for a man to add a fashionable flair to his outfit. This Rodeo Dark Blue Alligator M-Clip is a luxurious and sophisticated twist on the standard money clip and suits the fashionable man.

Money Clips for Men | M-Clip Rodeo Dark Blue Alligator

Luxurious and stylish – the M-Clip Rodeo Dark Blue Alligator money clip is the perfect fit for The Stylish Man

The Safe Man

Do you consider yourself the type of guy that likes a secure and safe approach to life? Money is after all, one of the most important factors in our daily routine. Any man that wants to protect his money securely should look at the Swiss Wallet. It is made from tough aluminum and snugly fits multiple cards and bills without letting them get loose.

Money Clips for Men | Wagner Victorinox Swiss Wallet

The Wagner Victorinox Swiss Wallet is a safe home for credit cards and bills

The Handyman

Money clips can also come outfitted with accessories to go beyond storing cash. The typical handyman likes to be resourceful and ready for any situation thrown his way. This type of guy wouldn’t leave the house without his Victorinox Swiss Army money clip. It comes outfitted with a small knife, scissors, and even a nail file. At only 3 inches long this handy dandy money clip packs quite the punch.

Money Clips for Men | Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip

The Handyman wouldn’t leave his home without his Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip

The Outdoorsman

Perhaps you’re the type of man that considers himself a master outdoorsman? The kind of man that has a hunting trophy on his wall. An outdoorsman wants a money clip that reaffirms his lifestyle. This Landstroms money clip fits the bill, literally! It’s made from black enameled base metal and has a beautifully detailed deer head in 10 karat Black Hills Gold. And we mustn’t forget to mention that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Money Clips for Men | Landstroms Black Hills with Gold Deer Head Money Clip

The Outdoorsman wants a money clip that reflects his passion – the Landstroms Black Hills with Gold Deer Head Money Clip does just that

The Football Man

Sports fans can rejoice, because there are tons of money clips made just for them! One of the most common ways for a football man to showcase his team pride is to find some type of apparel that represents his team. Money clips like this are made specifically for different sports teams with the team emblem integrated in the design. With a money clip like this, the football fan can show his support wherever he goes.

Money Clips for Men | NFL Pewter Emblem Money Clip

Football fans – the NFL Pewter Emblem Money Clip is made just for you. Available with any NFL team emblem

The Religious Man

There are a lot of guys out there that take religion very seriously. A man that is committed enough to his religion never ignores the opportunity to show his faith. Thanks to money clips like this one from the Vatican Library Collection, religious men can display their beliefs even when they are storing their money. The heartwarming “God is with you” message is seen every time the money clip is used.

Money Clips for Men | Vatican Library Collection Lamb of God Gold Tone Money Clip

“God is with you” – the message written on this money clip for The Religious Man

The Fisherman

We all know how hectic the life of a dedicated fisherman can be. Whizzing around on boats and hiking to your favorite spot can put your possessions at risk. With this laser engraved money clip the fisherman can secure his belongings and display his love for the sport at the same time. The red aluminum version of M-Clip’s multi-patented product is one of the fisherman’s favorite friends.

Money Clips for Men | M-Clip Sportsman Series

A fisherman’s friend – the M-Clip Sportsman money clip with Graphic Redfish etching

The Motorsport Man

Let’s not forget the type of man that loves motorsport. His life is driven with a high performance attitude and need for speed. He feeds off adrenaline pumping moments and the excitement of race day. He wouldn’t want to carry his cash in anything other than carbon fiber. His money clip is his favorite accessory, probably because it looks like it’s just been pulled off a high performance sports car!

Money Clips for Men | Roar Carbon Carbon Fiber Money Clip

The Motorsport Man loves his Carbon Fiber Money clip – produced by Roar Carbon, it looks like a component from a high performance sports car

The Bright Man

What if you are a man with a bright personality? The type of guy that likes to stand out and isn’t afraid to make a statement. A man that likes to use splashes of vibrant color to fit his optimistic outlook in life. M-Clip’s blue Ultralight V Series money clip is a fine addition to the wardrobe of any man who loves a bit of color.

Money Clips for Men | M-Clip Ultralight V Series blue

M-Clip’s Ultralight V Series anodized aluminum money clip is perfect for The Bright Man

A Money Clip For Every Type Of Man

Clearly you aren’t restricted to one type of personality when searching for money clips for men. They are an incredibly versatile and useful accessory that virtually any male can benefit from owning. Some people simply refer to clips as “the universal accessory” since they can be made for any man regardless of age, style, and interests. You can browse the seemingly endless disposal of different mechanisms, styles, designs, and exclusive uses found in money clips for men to find the one that suits you best.

A look at money clips

In our society, our money holds a significant importance to us. We work hard to build up our cash and use it on life necessities as well as leisurely expenses. Since it is so important to us, we have always put the utmost care into safely securing it. While wallets may be a popular choice amongst men, money clips have also become popular for various reasons.

What is a money clip?

A money clip is a small device, usually made of some type of metal, which holds your cash and credit cards. The metal folds over into a small clip that can tightly pinch together your valuables. Since they are so small and efficient, money clips provide you with a much more compact way to store your money. 

A Look At Money Clips | Adamant Fashion Men's Slim Money Clip

There are a few key advantages money clips have over wallets:

  • Safety – Many guys invest in a money clip because they feel they are a safer alternative to wallets. Wallets can make a large noticeable bulge in your pocket, advertising it for hungry thieves. By using a money clip, you can secure your money in a much less noticeable way.
  • Convenience – If you have had a wallet for a while, you may have experienced the problem known as wallet clutter. As things like cards, receipts, and pictures begin to pile up, it becomes much harder to navigate your wallet. With a money clip you have easy instant access to your cash, saving you the time of fumbling through the sections of your wallet.
  • Size – A lot of people claim that size matters. With money clips it’s the compact size that counts. Wallets can be large, bulky, and awkward at times. A money clip makes storing your valuables much easier and clears up space in your pockets at the same time.

A Brief History of Money Clips

Money clips first hit the scene a long time ago and have continued to remain a money storing staple for many men today. In ancient times, most financial transactions used materials like gold and valuable resources. As paper money began to become more popular, people had to find a way to store it. At first things like purses and wallets were made to transfer coins and paper notes

In the early 1800’s, we began to gravitate closer towards the use of paper money and money clips grew in popularity. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s however, that money clips started to become a real trend amongst men. Historically they began as a luxury amongst people who were a bit wealthier. During tough economic times, many average and lower class citizens struggled to gather money on a week to week basis. Because their money was going so fast, storing it wasn’t exactly an issue. People that were better off could use money clips to secure their cash and showcase their wealth.

Money Clips as a Gift

When in doubt, money clips are always a classic gift choice for men. They come in a variety of styles and materials to suit almost anybody. The most popular money clips are made from metals like gold, silver, platinum, and plated brass. These types of clips can come in more luxurious and expensive options, sometimes even garnished with precious stones like diamonds. More expensive money clips go beyond storing money and serve as a lavish and sophisticated accessory for guys.

The amount of personalization they offer also make them a great gift choice. It is fairly common for men to have a money clip engraved with letters, numbers, or symbols. You can choose a specific engraving that fits you or the person you are buying it for perfectly. They have also been engraved to commemorate special events like weddings or birthdays

Modern Day Money Clips

They may be old but are certainly not out of style. In modern times, money clip designs are growing each day and designers are coming up with clever ways to make these compact devices. New types of money clips use bands, buckles, and clamps to go beyond the typical folding style. Metals are still popular but other materials like hard plastics and even carbon fiber are being used as well.

The Sterling Silver Paperclip Money Clip is a creative and artistic approach to a basic money clip. High grade silver is folded into the shape of a paperclip which can easily pinch together your cash.

A Look At Money Clips | Sterling Silver Paper Clip Money Clip

M-Clip’s multi-patented design is produced in a range of materials and finishes, including this beautiful rhodium and Cocobolo wood combination.

A Look At Money Clips | M-Clip Rhodium Cocobolo Wood

Wagner’s Victorinox Swiss Wallet is an innovative modern twist on the classic wallet clip. Made of anodized aluminum and sporting multiple colors, this accessory uses a small switch to effortlessly pop out your valuables.

A Look At Money Clips | Wagner Victorinox Swiss Wallet

The Carbon Fiber Double Sided Money Clip is one of the most recent innovations in money clip designs. The use of carbon fiber is growing in popularity since it is so durable and looks pretty cool as well.

A Look At Money Clips | Carbon Fiber Double Sided Money Clip

Bosca’s Old Leather Deluxe Front Pocket Wallet (strictly speaking, a money clip card holder) is a prime example of a simple yet effective design. Its 3 leather slots and center pocket make it a compact, effective, and sophisticated way to store your money.

A Look At Money Clips | Bosca Old Leather Deluxe Front Pocket Wallet

Since they are such a popular accessory, there are many different brands that have designed money clips. Some of the more notable brands like Bosca, Ralph Lauren, M-Clip, and JJ Weston have been at it for years making sophisticated and convenient money clip designs.

If you are skeptical of the benefits money clips present you, why not give them a try? Even the higher end clips can run at affordable prices and could possibly be your money storing savior