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Engraved money clips

There are two main types of engraved money clips: personalized ones and then those with graphical designs.

Personalized money clips tend to have the owner’s initials or name engraved onto the surface. Graphical engraved designs range from geometric and mathematical patterns to more artistic impressions of animals and scenes from nature.

Engraved money clips are usually produced from a sort of metal. With solid gold and solid silver used for higher end money clips. More budget money clips for engraving come in steel, titanium and gold / silver-plated metal.

Personalized money clips are popular as gifts for special occasions. For example, groomsmen may all receive a money clip as their gift. What the groom may choose to do is have them personalized by engraving each one with the groomsman’s initials.

Gifting a money clip means giving somebody a useful, functional item that they can use on a day-to-day basis. And if you choose to have their name or initials engraved it makes it that bit extra special. An engraved money clip can serve as a memento.

Why choose an engraved money clip?

  • A great gift for groomsmen, father’s day, graduation, birthdays
  • Makes a money clip unique
  • Looks attractive

A selection of engraved money clips

We’ve handpicked a small selection of engraved money clips from different brands, materials and price brackets. Take a look and discover why we’ve chosen these…

M-Clip Sportsman Series

The M-Clip Sportsman Series is a collection of laser engraved aluminum money clips. The range includes money clips with graphical images of fish and hunting dogs. The perfect money clip for a stylish and modern outdoorsman. The Sportsman money clips are essentially engraved versions of the M-Clip Ultralight V Series.

Engraved Money Clips | M-Clip Sportsman Series

M-Clip Sportsman Series: Hunting Dog, Red Fish and Trout versions

As is the case with all M-Clip money clips, the spring is manufactured from heat tempered stainless steel. A beautiful and well made, multi-patented product. If you want to find out more about the brand and product range, have a look at our M-Clip review.

Price: $$

Personalized Engraved Silver Plated Money Clip

If you’re searching for a budget money clip and engraving, then look no further… This silver-plated money clip includes the engraving of up to 3 initials and full stops.

Engraved Money Clips | Personalized Engraved Silver-plated Money Clip

For just over $10 you can have this silver-plated money clip engraved and shipped to the US

It comes from the United Kingdom. But don’t worry, it’ll cost you little over $10 and ships within a few days. Cash saved on this purchase means more bills to put inside the money clip!

Price: $

Personalized Leather Monogram Magnetic Money Clip/Wallet

Fancy having your initials engraved onto a leather money clip card holder? Or perhaps as a gift for somebody else? This leather money clip card holder has a silver-toned disk, where you can get up to 3 initials engraved.

Engraved Money Clips | Personalized Leather Monogram Magnetic Money Clip Wallet

Leather magnetic money clip card holder with engravable disk

Purchase of the money clip card holder includes free engraving. And there’s even an additional side pocket for receipts – so you can keep all your essential items in the correct place!

Price: $$

Watch Money Clip

For something that little bit different, there’s the Watch Money Clip. This product combines two functions into one and can be engraved with up to 3 initials, at no extra cost.

Engraved Money Clips | Watch Money Clip

This charming money clip and watch combination can be engraved with up to 3 initials

A highly useful product and wonderful gift for somebody who likes to keep themself organized.

Price: $$

Want to see more engraved money clips?

If, after reading this you would like to see more engraved money clips, why not have a look at our interactive chart? The chart allows you to compare money clips by material and price. We’ve included a broad selection of more than 60 money clips in varying styles and materials.